The OS for Artificial Intelligence

AIOS is building the platform for using, deploying, and monetizing AI models, sustainably.

The utility-first AI platform

Fine-Tuned, Ready to Deploy Models

Our models are fine-tuned, ready to deploy, and built for commercially viability right out of the box. Deploy on centralized servers via our API, or use decentralized cloud infrastructure - the choice is yours.

Future Ready

Decentralized. Centralized. You can deploy our models however you want. Our tokenomics ensure that our models will always be commercially viable and sustainable for the future.

Optimized for deployment

Instead of generic models, AIOS focuses on heavily fine-tuned models capable of performing highly specific, deployment-ready tasks.

Feature 01


Deep commercial viability ensures that AIOS has long-term sustainability in the form of constant revenue streams from end-users.

Feature 02

Hybrid Approach

Deploy on decentralized node operators. Or use our centralized API services. Our hybrid approach balances decentralization with convenience.

Feature 03
Sustainable, Decentralized AI

Use, Deploy, Monetize - Worry Free

Add our models to your products and never worry about downtime with our hybrid approach and sustainable tokenomics

Sustainable Decentralized AI

Do More With Decentralized AI

Start using our AI tools and deploy them in your products - today!